Chicago’s River North is the Place to Find Luxury Living

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August 29, 2019
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Chicago’s River North is the Place to Find Luxury Living

If you are ready to enjoy a true taste of modern luxury living, there is a place that will more than meet your fondest expectations. That place is the exclusive River North neighborhood in the heart of downtown Chicago.

River North has long been identified with comfort, quality, and luxury. Once you see the area for yourself, you’ll understand why. This is an area with plenty of history and lots of luxury to bring it swiftly and comfortably into the modern age.

River North is the Scene of Modern Luxury Living

There are plenty of places to lead a comfortable lifestyle in Chicago. But if you are ready to make the leap from comfortable to luxurious, River North is the place to find it.

Some of the city’s newest and most prestigious locations are right here. A quick tip from a knowledgeable real estate agent can put you in the apartment, condo, or penthouse you’ve been waiting your whole life to live in.

You Can’t Beat the River North Neighborhood

When it comes to style, class, and pizzazz, you can’t beat the River North neighborhood. High style and fine dining are the hallmark of every location in the area.

The area is home to historic buildings such as the famous “Twin Corncobs” at Marina City. You’ll also see other classic marvels of architecture such as the skyscraper designed by Mies van der Rohe at 330 N. Wabash.

Meanwhile, you can spend a fascinating and informative day at the Nickerson Mansion, known as Chicago’s legendary “Marble Palace.” If you’re in the mood for more culture, there are plenty more historic sites in the area for you to enjoy.

A wealth of modern shopping centers and exclusive boutiques mingles with fine dining establishments, art galleries, theaters, and swanky night life centers. This is modern living like you’ve always pictured it – and it’s yours for the asking.

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